Email Template: Onboarding Physicians & Physician Practices

Casetabs works best when everyone is on board. We’ve put together a customizable template you can send to your physicians and their offices to join Casetabs to communicate and coordinate surgeries more efficiently. Copy the template below and customize and [bolded] text.

Subject Line for Email: ***IMPORTANT*** PLEASE READ: [XYZ Surgery Center] is Introducing Casetabs for Enhanced Case Schedule Communication/Coordination

Dear Physicians and Schedulers,

We are excited to announce that [XYZ Surgery Center] is implementing the use of a new application called Casetabs ( to communicate around our surgical case schedule with all individuals involved in your patient’s care. You will be granted access to a web- and mobile-based app that provides a real-time view of all your surgical case schedules that are booked at our facility.

To get started, please set up your Casetabs account with these easy steps:
  • Check your email for an invitation from Casetabs to activate your account.
  • Click on the secure link provided in the email to create a password and set up your profile.
**Please be sure to respond to this email to notify me that you have activated your account**
  • Check out Casetab’s QuickStart guide (attached) and video tutorial guides ( ).

What will you be utilizing Casetabs for?
1) Begin using Casetabs immediately by:
  • Log in to view your case schedule.
  • Streamline communication for all changes and updates made to case schedules by receiving notifications via email or text messages.
  • View all communication/requests (product/equipment needs, anesthesia, needs within the surgery center, etc.) surrounding your individual cases.
  • Physicians sync your case schedule to your default calendar on your mobile device
2) I will notify you when we would like to start utilizing the following 2 features:
  • Confirm that your surgery schedules are correct for the date(s) specified via requests sent from us here at the center.
  • Sharing documents (patient identification cards, insurance cards, consents, H&Ps, labs, orders, etc.) electronically via a HIPPA-secure portal, instead of faxing. This means no more lost or illegible documents!

If you have questions about Casetabs, their Help Desk is a great resource, or you can contact them at - they would also be glad to set-up a short webinar with your office.
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