Email Template: Onboarding Vendor Reps

Casetabs works best when everyone is on board. We’ve put together a customizable template you can send to easily onboard your vendor reps to start using Casetabs to communicate and coordinate your surgical needs more efficiently. Copy the template below and customize any [bolded] text.

Subject Line for Email: ***IMPORTANT*** PLEASE READ: [XYZ Surgery Center] is Introducing Casetabs for Enhancing Equipment/Product Support

Dear [XYZ Surgery Center] Vendor Reps,

We are excited to announce that [XYZ Surgery Center] is implementing a new app called Casetabs ( to coordinate vendor support and product requests. Instead of communicating via countless texts and emails, you will be granted access to a web- and mobile-based application that provides a real-time view of all surgical cases that require your support.

To get started, please set up your Casetabs account with these easy steps:
  • Check your email for an invitation from Casetabs to activate your account.
  • Click on the secure link provided in the email to create a password and set up your profile
    **Please be sure to respond to this email to notify me that you have activated your account**
  • Check out Casetab's Quick Start Guides (attached) and video tutorials (

What will you be utilizing Casetabs for? Begin using Casetabs immediately to:
  • Streamling communication on both of our ends to track all special requests for equipment/product needs
  • Have a real-time view of our case schedule that is updated routinely by our surgery scheduler
  • Receive changes made to the date, time or procedure of each case which can be sent to your phone via customizable text or email notification settings.
  • Sync the cases that require your support to your default calendar on your mobile device

**NOTE OF PROCESS CHANGE EFFECTIVE [Insert date]**: Please update the status of all requests received via text or email to ‘Confirmed’ through the Casetabs app to notify our center that you are aware of requests and able to complete them. When the request is completed please update the status to ‘Completed’

If you have questions about Casetabs, their Help Desk is a great resource, or you can contact them at - they would also be glad to set up a short webinar with you.

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