What are Case Teams & Groups?

When each case is added, whether from your PM system or manually within Casetabs, your default case team will be immediately notified of the case. The default case team is configured in your Org settings in the 'Manage Organization' link located next to your profile icon. To add individual members to a case, click into the case from your Case List and navigate to the 'Team' tab under 'Case Details'. Click 'Add a Member' to add individuals to be notified of the case and type in the name of the member you wish to add. Click from the drop-down menu and they will be automatically added to the the Case Team. You can always remove a member from the case by clicking 'Remove' in the pane of each member card.

For quick adding of case teams, you can create Case Groups in your Organization Settings as well. Simply click on the 'Manage Organization' link next to your profile icon, choose the group whose settings you wish to edit, and click on the 'Members' tab to configure your settings. Click on 'Add a Group' and name the group, to which you can then add individual members.
Creation date: 2/8/2017 12:46 PM ()      Updated: 2/8/2017 12:46 PM ()